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Hugo van Dijk - New York Casas Team

Hugo van Dijk
Hugo van Dijk 745 Fifth Avenue Suite 500,
New York, NY, 10151

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Hugo van Dijk

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Hugo van Dijk has traveled the world and lived in such far corners as Israel, Florida and Hawaii before returning to New York City. Having lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, in Brooklyn and Queens, Hugo gained an extensive knowledge and love for this city of endless opportunities.

As a business owner and consultant, with a Master's Degree in Business and Management, Hugo is able to assist those he works with to make the biggest decision of their lives. All this experience combined with his ability to speak Dutch, German and Hebrew allows him to effectively assist clients from all walks of life in our culturally diverse city.

His personalized project management approach helps his clients to simplify the complex process of renting, buying or selling an apartment in New York. He gives them insight in all financial aspects, negotiation techniques, property marketing strategies, and the state of the market in New York City, while providing them with all options every step of the way. An excellent facilitator, he helps to bring together the team of the buyer, seller, lawyers and mortgage broker to achieve a mutually satisfying closing of the deal! This approach yields a high rate of success for all parties involved.

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