Tribeca Neighborhood New York

Penthouses for sale in Tribeca New York

TriBeCa (Triangle Below Canal) became immensely popular and largely residential in the 1980s, a reflection of the southward shift of nightlife in Manhattan, and the many architectural merits of this interesting and historic neighborhood. It has a family-friendly atmosphere that you might not expect from the cast-iron buildings and cobblestone streets thanks to excellent public schools, lovely parks and the vicinity to the Financial District
. TriBeCa is known for its spacious loft apartments, housed in buildings once used for light manufacturing and warehousing. Most of these industrial buildings have been renovated and transformed into luxury rentals and condos. As for dinging Tribeca hosts some of the best-known restaurants in New York are in TriBeCa. And when you are up against celebrities and Wall Street high rollers expect to pay for housing; Tribeca is the most expensive neighborhood in New York.

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