Williamsburg Neighborhood New York

Penthouses for sale in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Before the Williamsburg Bridge went up in 1903 Williamsburg was a retreat for the city's wealthy. After, it became an appealing destination for Jewish immigrants, Italians and Polish. When New York magazine proclaimed it "the new Bohemia" about 20 years ago, that is exactly what it became. Being priced out of SoHo and the East Village, the young creative types moved into Williamsburg's warehouses and lofts. New money and new settlers quickly followed and have given rise a tremendous variety of restaurants, bars, clubs and shops that rivals any neighborhood in the City. In fact it has gotten so popular by now that the artists who enjoyed the cheap rents of "new Bohemia" have had to trek further east to Bushwick for studio space. The neighborhood’s south side is still a bit quieter with a strong orthodox Jewish community. The L train takes you straight to Union Square and the M and J trains service Up- and Downtown from Marcy Avenue.

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