Upper West Side Neighborhood New York

Townhouses for sale in the Upper West Side New York

The Upper West Side differentiates itself from the Upper East Side in allowing for a healthy mix between residential and commercial. It is also a marvelous mix of cultures, ages and income groups of all New York communities. Fruit, newsstands and sidewalk book vendors everywhere and shoppers enjoy the smell of good cooking and fresh candy. The housing options reflect the mix of residents: everything from luxury high-rises to pre-war doorman to railroad style walk-ups. Generally, the farther north you go, the better the deal. The Upper West Side is also filled with beautifully maintained brownstones and wealthy families. Subways run alongside Central Park West and Broadway, making the commute to Mid- and Downtown fast and comfortable. Main attraction is the American Museum of Natural History, the size of 4 blocks where you need a week to see all the rooms.

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