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Types of Apartments are there in New York City

Rent or buy a studio apartment in New York


Rent range: 2,000$ - 4,000$
Price range: 400k - 1 million
A studio is a one room apartment with a full bathroom. Studios often have open kitchens, though some have a separate kitchen. They can range in size drastically, and some have a dressing room or a dining area. An alcove studio is a larger studio that has a separate area for dining or sleeping and is often configured in an L-shape.
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Rent an apartment in New York

1 or 2 bedrooms

Rent range: 2,500$ - 10,000$
Price range: 750k - 5 million
In a 1-bedroom apartment, the bedroom and living room are separated. Some have full separate kitchens and some kitchens are open to the living room. A full 2 bedroom or a "real 2 Bedroom" apartment has two bedrooms plus a living room, and may or may not have a separate kitchen. Room sizes can vary widely and there can be one or 2 full bathrooms, and sometimes a half bathroom, also known as a powder room.
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Rent a penthouse in New York


Rent range: 10,000$ - 30,000$
Price range: 2.5 million - 10 million
A penthouse is an apartment that is on one of the highest floors of an apartment building. Penthouses are typically differentiated from other apartments by luxury features and outdoor space. The term penthouse originated in the 1920s and referred to a separate smaller "house" that was constructed on the roof of an apartment building set back from the outer walls.
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Rent range: 5,000$ - 15,000$
Price range: 1 million - 4 million
A loft is a big, open space with few or no internal walls and very high ceilings and extra-large windows. Originally, they were the results of converting commercial buildings into residential units, now they are a popular way of living. They're mostly found in commercial neighborhoods, though the concept has been copied in many recently constructed luxury buildings in residential areas.
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Rent a family apartment in New York

Family Apartments

Rent range: 7,500$ - 25,000$
Price range: 2.5 million - 10 million
A family apartment features 3 or more bedrooms to accommodate couples with multiple children. The 'classic 6' is a 3-bedroom apartment that was originally designed with two bedrooms, a maid's room, full dining room, living room, separate kitchen and 2.5 – 3 bathrooms.
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Rent range: 15,000$ - 100,000$
Price range: 5 million - 25 million
A townhouse is an option for those looking for some privacy within the City. The term originally referred to the city residence of a member of the nobility, as opposed to their country seat. It is a standalone style of residence, usually but not necessarily terraced (row housing) or semi-detached. Because of their popularity and benefit of privacy, they tend to be more expensive than renting a typical apartment in New York City.
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