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5 easy steps to selling your property in New York

1 //Pricing

The first step we take when it comes to selling a client’s property is the valuation. What is it worth? Our comparative market analysis will make it easy for you to understand where prices are at in your building and neighborhood. Please speak to one of our top agents for a free consultation:

2 //Presentation

The way your property will be presented to potential buyers is essential to maximizing its potential. Therefore, we make sure our professional photographer will take pictures on a bright day and that the apartment looks clean and organized. A neutral, model apartment appeals the most.

House showings for property sales in New York

3 //Marketing

Crucial to the success of the sales process is the marketing of your property. We know how to reach at least 98% of the market via various online and offline channels. In the exclusive right to sell agreement we give you insights into the various channels we use. Our trusted profiles on many of these online portals will add to your property’s visibility.

Marketing for property sales in New York

4 //Showings

When prospective buyers and their agents find your property, they will consequently contact us to show it. It is common to start showings with an open house on a Sunday afternoon because this is the time most home buyers go out to see and compare inventory. After the open house we coordinate showings on request and repeat the open house if needed, all of which in consideration with your schedule.

House showings for property sales in New York

5 //Offers & Contracts

After the first open house and showings, we will receive the opening offers from the interested parties. We present these offers to you, our client, for review and we consult with you which offers are most interesting to you. Once an offer is accepted, we guide the buyer through the acquisition process until the closing date.

House offers for property sales in New York

//What documents will I need to sign?

You will be asked to sign an “Exclusive Right to Sell” agreement. That means the listing broker will get paid the agreed upon commission regardless of who brings the buyer. In return, the listing broker will execute and pay for all marketing expenses to attract the most buyers possible. In the fourth quarter of 2012, it took about 6 months on average for a NYC apartment to sell, which is why most agents will insist on exclusivity for at least six months to feel confident in delivering the results promised.

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